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The Geek Shall Inherit

Wow! Here it is. That first awkward post where I’m not sure whether to introduce myself or just dive on in. I’m gonna go with the latter (we can have a “meet the maker” post later).

Welcome to Flickering Fandoms … the blog!

You’re probably wondering what you can expect to find on here. You know, I’m still waiting to answer that myself. I want to have a place to share weekly deals and discounts with you all. I’d like to release new candles here FIRST before anyone else sees. I’d also like to workshop new product ideas with everyone. Post polls, ask if an idea is stupid (because let’s face it, sometimes they are.) But more than anything, I’d like to share sneak peeks into the daily grind of the Flickering Fandoms fam. As a consumer, I personally LOVE seeing how my favorite brands and companies work behind the scenes.

So, whether it’s an Insta-worthy shot of a candle …


… or the after-math of a day of pouring, which I will go ahead and tell you is NOT a pretty sight …


… these are the sorts of things that you can expect from this blog. Sometimes it’s pretty, sometimes it’s not. But one thing it always will be … is geeky. Because you know what they say? The geek shall inherit the earth.

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